About us

About us

The Consumer Mortgage Coalition (“CMC”) is a trade association of national mortgage lenders, servicers and service providers.  The CMC is organized as a research and policy development organization.  Its mission is two-fold:

  •  to provide a forum for national mortgage lenders and servicers to discuss and develop policy on on-going public policy issues that impact their businesses, and
  •  to develop and support a plan for the long-term restructuring of the mortgage finance industry.

In fulfilling that mission, the group:

  • develops ongoing research, analysis, and draft documents that express the views of national lenders and servicers;
  • provides timely Washington intelligence and analysis on issues of interest to its member companies;
  • responds to regulatory initiatives, at the direction of its member-companies;
  • reviews individual and class action litigation challenges and, where appropriate, develops common defense strategies, while maintaining attorney-client privilege on confidential matters.

The CMC coordinates and cooperates with other groups representing the residential mortgage finance industry, when appropriate.  The CMC does not attempt to replicate the educational, informational and convention activities of the other trade associations to which its members belong.